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Contractors, Grow Your Home Services Business With Content Marketing

Article Summary

The article discusses the importance of content marketing for contractors and highlights various strategies they can employ to enhance their online presence and attract customers.

We'll discuss the significance of creating valuable and relevant content, optimizing it for search engines, and other tips to engage with potential customers and establish credibility in the industry.

Whether you call yourself a contractor, remodeler, handyman, or something else, chances are you're looking for more qualified leads. If so, then content marketing will be your best friend.

Dig into our comprehensive guide to content marketing for contractors. Learn why it’s an effective tool for reaching your professional goals, why it’s worth the investment, and how to do it effectively.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that attracts, engages, and builds trust within your audience by planning, creating, and sharing content, like videos, articles, podcasts, graphics, and other media. It's a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy.

The goal of content marketing is to be found by your audience when they’re looking for information relevant to your business. Then, with that same content, build people’s trust by answering their questions and converting them into customers.

This marketing strategy is also a great way to promote brand awareness, keeping your name fresh in the minds of your audience until they’re ready to use your contracting services.

Content Marketing Vs. Blogging

Many contractors cringe when they think of content marketing (Maybe you’re even doing it now!), but that’s because they don’t realize the crucial difference between content marketing and blogging. While it sometimes includes blog posts, content marketing couldn’t be farther from blogging in terms of goals and results.

Content marketing focuses on what your audience wants to know, emphasizing how your business solves their problems. That, in turn, results in lead generation for your business. Blogging, on the other hand, doesn’t really need a well-defined goal. Some blog simply because they enjoy it.

Ultimately, the difference lies in who the writer is writing for. Unfortunately, many bloggers are more interested in what they themselves want to write about than what searchers are actually interested in reading. If that’s the case, then you’re left with a piece of content that could result in precisely no leads at all.

And simply put, if it’s not generating leads, it’s not content marketing. So if you’re currently outsourcing your content and are not generating leads, it might be time to go with a company that can deliver instead.

Is Content Marketing Worth It For Contractors?

Content marketing is absolutely worth the investment for contractors. According to one source, content marketing generates three times more leads than traditional marketing. At the same time, this marketing technique can cost up to 62% less than traditional advertising, making it highly affordable. When done effectively, it’s clear that this technique can be a huge asset for home services businesses.

Honestly, it’s understandable why some contractors initially hesitate to invest in content marketing. Other avenues, like paid advertising, are generally easier to wrap your mind around. You can see the exact amount you’re spending and exactly how many leads that’s getting you.

Conversely, content marketing might be challenging to see a linear cause-and-effect relationship with tangible results, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. In fact, according to the above stats, it’s more effective.

Why is content marketing so effective? Because you’re meeting people when they want to be found.

People increasingly see traditional marketing channels, like billboards, print ads, or video ads, as interruptive and annoying. They are even willing to spend more money (like on streaming platforms), so they don’t have to see them!

Conversely, people find content marketing to be convenient and helpful, even preferable. Since this technique allows you to be much more specific with the audience you reach, you’re getting in front of people actively searching for answers regarding your product or services. 

With this avenue, potential customers are already in the buying mindset, already needing or wanting your services, and are already on your website. Sounds like a win-win-win, don’t you think?

How Does Content Marketing Benefit Home Services Businesses?

Aside from being an excellent investment, content marketing benefits home services businesses in a variety of other ways.

A solid content marketing strategy will benefit your home services business by:

  • Establishing Trust
  • Building Customer Loyalty and Retention
  • Increasing Conversions and Leads
  • Reaching Your Audience More Effectively
  • Boosting SEO Strategies
  • Boosting Digital Ad Strategies
  • Shortening Your Sales Cycle
  • Increasing Website Traffic

You’ll Get More Qualified Leads And Larger Projects

Let’s say you’re a house painter looking for more qualified leads and larger projects. Your content marketing plan might focus on topics like paint color ideas, before and after project studies, and answering niche customer concerns. You’re highly knowledgeable in your industry and working with a top-notch online marketing team, so creating high-quality content is easy for you.

As you go about your content marketing plan, you publish an article on your website about the best time to start an exterior painting project. Afterward, an investor who owns multiple properties is trying to determine when they should paint the exterior of their properties.

While this investor researches, he finds your article, reads it, and it convinces him to schedule his extensive project mid-spring. While on your website, he sees a call to action to schedule a consultation. You’ve already proven that you’re the right company for the job, so you win the lead.

This scenario is not just some pipe dream; it’s a real-life example that we’ve seen work first-hand. Want to land those bigger projects? Then, get going on your content marketing.

You’ll Shorten Your Contracting Company’s Sales Cycle

Like in the above example, when a potential customer calls you after finding you through this channel, you will not need to sell your services. Your content has already done that for you. You can give your attention to getting an estimate instead.

Content marketing is an especially great asset when it comes to potential customers who need more time or information before they hire you. Your content is doing the heavy lifting by answering customer questions, alleviating concerns, and encouraging them to take action.

Potential customers can return to your website as often as needed to be convinced that you’re the right fit for them. Then, when they finally contact you, you’ll be able to get right into the specifics of their project and schedule an appointment.

You’ll Stand Out In A Crowded Industry

Home services companies are notoriously competitive and are generally restricted within a service area, so there is only so much work to get in your area. Your industry works mainly in and around people’s homes, so trust is a vital factor in who homeowners ultimately decide to hire. Since content marketing establishes trust in your services from the start, homeowners who find you through this channel will be more inclined to choose you over competitors, maybe even those who’ve bid a lower price.

Customers’ trust in you will build not only from content marketing but also from how you’ve handled jobs for them in the past and your overall reputation in the community. Then, you’re well on your way to building a working relationship with them that could last for years.

Tips to Successful Content Marketing for Contractors

Now that you see the value of content marketing for your home services business, it’s time to get going on it. How can you plan out a marketing strategy that really engages your audience and lands you on the first page of Google’s search results?

As you plan your content marketing strategy, keep these tips in mind to get the most out of your investment:

Write About What Matters

If you’re a plumber, exterminator, home remodeler, flooring contractor, or something else, the topics you cover as part of your content strategy will look vastly different. However, your goal will remain the same: write about what matters to your audience.

Throughout a project or while on bids, do you tend to get the same questions repeatedly from your customers? If it’s on their minds, it’s a good topic to write about. Are there things you wish your customers knew about or would do more often? Then, educate them on it through your content.

Use Terms Your Audience Uses

Regardless of your services, you’ll likely find that homeowners simply don’t use the same terminology that you, as a contractor, would. For example, if you’re in the remediation or remodeling industry, do your customers constantly call mud “spackle” or “putty?” Or do you get blank stares when you talk about “caulking their windows” rather than “weather-proofing their windows?”

Knowing the terms your audience uses, whether it’s the correct terminology or not, is vital because those terms are most likely what your potential customers are searching for to find your services. Therefore, including these terms in your content will allow these homeowners to find you more readily so you can secure them as clients.

Audit Content Regularly

Performing a content audit means cataloging and analyzing the content on your website. Regularly auditing your content will give you a major advantage over your competitors for several reasons. Firstly, analyzing strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within existing content is often faster than writing a new piece from scratch. Secondly, small businesses often overlook and ignore this task, so you’d be in a better position to outperform your competitors online.

As you analyze your content, note what topics have gotten you the most traffic to your website and the most leads. While the content they’re enjoying might be surprising, this information gives you valuable insight into the minds of your audience.

For example, if your piece on trending kitchen paint colors performs well, you should turn that topic into an entire series. Or, if an article gets you a lot of traffic but not very many leads, consider updating that article to have a more prominent call to action or a stronger sense of urgency.

If your content has not been getting you the desired results, try out this method for a while, and you’ll surely get the calls coming in.

Entrust Your Content Writing To A Professional

There is no doubt that content marketing is a highly-effective channel for contractors looking for more qualified leads, bigger projects, and more loyal customers. But having the time to plan out and execute an entire marketing campaign is a different beast entirely.

If you, as a business owner, want to dedicate your time and energy to growing your business, outsourcing your content marketing efforts might be one of the best things you can do. Most only will you be saving time, but you’ll be able to reap the benefits of having expert writers and marketing strategists at your disposal.

Projects Plus Marketing is dedicated to the success of your business as if it were our own. So schedule a free consultation today and see how we can help you reach your goals.