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Contractors, Turn Your Google Business Profile Into A Money-Making Machine

Article Summary

The article provides a comprehensive guide for contractors on optimizing their Google Business Profile. Learn how to create a complete and accurate profile, manage your customer reviews, and leverage this free tool to make informed business decisions.

No matter what your specialty, contractors are always looking for better ways to get more leads. Your Google Business Profile is the way to reach that goal. Everyday, Google Business Profiles help home services businesses land bigger jobs, more leads, and outrank their competitors locally. Learn how to turn this free listing into a money-making machine for your contracting business with our comprehensive guide.

Google Business Profile Prominently Displayed in Search Results

What Is A Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile, previously called Google My Business, is a free platform offered by Google that allows customers to see information about a business quickly.

These profiles appear in prominent places on local Google search and Google Map results, often right next to the ads, and offer important information on your business, like reviews, hours of operation, contact details, and service information. People can even call you or book appointments right through the profile when it is set up correctly.

Thorough Google Business Profile management needs to be part of your overall contractor marketing efforts to reach your goals. Let's talk about why.

Why Google Business Is The Best Way Contractors Can Get Business Online

Google Business Profiles are the best way for contractors to get bigger and better online leads because they make your business stand out when customers need your services most. It also makes it easy for potential customers to contact you immediately, reducing the possibility that a competitor can sneak in with a bid first.

Think of your Google Business Profile as the updated version of Yellow Pages and having an optimized listing as a free full-page, color ad. (Remember those? It feels like a lifetime ago.)

Like the Yellowbook ads of days past, Google Business Profiles allow contractors and home services businesses to get in front of people actively looking for their services. So that great customer you’re looking for, ready to roll on their next home project right now, can see all the business information they need to decide on hiring you. A well-optimized profile will convince them to do so.

And, of course, once they’ve decided on hiring you, Google Business Profiles make it very easy for people to give you a call or book an appointment. Everything they need is right there; one click away.

But here’s the real kicker: If someone wants to hire a home services business, Google Business is the first place, and maybe even the only place, they’ll look.

In fact, Google Business is often the only place customers need to look, especially if your industry is highly competitive, like home painting or pest control. That’s because all your competitors already have their own profiles and are reaping the benefits daily.

If you’re a contractor looking to get great leads and customers without having to dole out an unreasonable amount of money to get them, ensuring that your Google Business Profile is active and optimized will be the right move for you. Otherwise, you can be sure your competitors will snatch up those leads first.

Primary Category on Google Business Profile

How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile As A Contractor

Before optimizing your profile, you’ll have to create one or claim one already made. Google itself has a great how-to on this over on its support site, so we encourage you to check it out. (Of course, our marketing clients have the advantage of having experts do this step for them, wink wink.)

However, creating and claiming your profile is only the first step. If you really want to turn this platform into a money-making machine for your home services business, you’ll have to put a bit of elbow grease into it. Lucky for you, you’ve got us to guide you through the process.

As a contractor, here are the most essential portions of your Google Business Profile you’ll want to optimize are:

  • Categories
  • Service Areas
  • Services
  • Booking


Selecting primary and secondary categories for your business profile is one of the first things you’ll be asked to do when setting up a new account. It’s also one of the most important things to optimize on your listing.

Why are these categories so important? Because of the way your potential customers search online.

84% of Google Business Profiles are found through indirect searches. So, instead of searching for a specific name, like “ABC Roofers,” customers tend to search for terms like “roofers near me” instead. One way Google serves up the best results for indirect searches is from profile categories.

Some tips on choosing the best Google Business Profile category:

  • Go for the most specific primary category that fits your business. For example, if you’re looking for more leads as a house painter, you would choose “Painter” as your primary rather than “General Contractor.”
  • Choose about 1 - 4 relevant secondary categories. Adding more than four secondary categories generally does more harm than good.
  • Adjust your secondary categories seasonally if applicable. For example, HVAC contractors can add “Furnace repair service” in the fall and winter and replace it with “Air Conditioning Repair Service” in the spring and summer. You can skip this step if your services remain the same throughout the year.

Service Areas

The Google Business Profile service areas will be your best friend as a contractor, primarily if you operate out of a van, shop, or warehouse where you’d rather not have customers show up.

While Google does require you to have a physical address associated with your business, it’s widely understood that home services businesses operate within a local service area and work in their customers’ homes and properties. The service area portion of business profiles allows contractors to do well in search results, even for customers living on your service area's borders. It also shows potential customers right off the bat whether or not you’re the right fit for them simply based on location.

Tips for optimizing your service area on your Google Business Profile:

  • You’re allowed up to 20 service areas on your listing. Use all of them!
  • Focus on the cities, neighborhoods, and zip codes that are more populated or that you want more clients in.
  • Google Guidelines dictate that you do not add locations more than 2 hours' driving distance from your physical location.


The services section of your Google Business Profile is another excellent way to rank better for the indirect searches we discussed earlier. Rather than searching for “interior painting near me,” a potential home services client might instead search for “cabinet painting near me” or “backsplash installation near me.” If you offer those services, you might appear higher in search results than competitors who have not optimized services to their profiles.

It also ensures that you’ll receive more qualified leads, as people will already know what you will do and will not do before they contact you. For example, let’s say that as a remodeler, you want more cabinet refacing projects but fewer tiling projects, as grouting takes up a lot of your time. Hyper-specifying your services filters out the leads you do not want organically. (It might even cut down on how long you spend on the phone answering questions. Wouldn’t that be nice?)

Optimize the services on your Google Business Profile with these tips:

  • Be very specific about which services you provide.
  • Add descriptions to your services, so customers know what to expect when they call you.
  • Skip the option to add prices to your services since offering set fees as a contractor can be tricky without knowing the project specifics first.

Booking Appointments

Wouldn’t it be nice if your work calendar filled up all on its own? Setting up booking through your Google Business Profile can help you make that happen. Not only would you be able to simplify scheduling for your home services business, but you would also make your customers' lives easier. Nearly 60% of people prefer to book appointments online, so making this feature available to your clients could increase the number of leads you get.

Tips for adding a book appointment feature to your Google Business Profile:

  • Stick to adding only one link for all bookings.
  • Ensure the link's landing page is branded and the messaging is clear.
  • Check the link and booking software to ensure it works properly.

Google Business Profiles and Multi-Location Home Services Businesses

How could you optimize your Google Business Profiles if you own a home services company with multiple locations? First, you must have a separate listing for each physical location and service area your business has. Google considers the searcher's physical location when serving search results, so make sure you give your business exposure in all the various regions in which you operate through multiple listings.

Contractor In His Office Taking A Phone Call From Customer

How to Get More Leads From Your Google Business Profile As A Contractor

Now that you’ve set yourself up for success, it’s time to really dig in and turn your profile into a well-oiled, qualified-lead-generating, money-making machine.

The biggest mistake contractors make on their Google Business Profile is thinking it’s a one-and-done marketing strategy. In reality, managing your profile takes regular maintenance and constant consideration. Google is continually tweaking this platform to make it more accessible to customers, and you should follow suit.

The good news is that managing your profile is much easier than you think. The better news is that by doing the following things, you’ll really stand out among your competition and make your potential customers very happy.

1. Fill Everything Out

Here’s a general rule to follow on your Google Business Profile as a contractor: “if it applies to your business, fill it out.”

Most customers do their research before hiring a home services business. This is especially true for more extensive home renovation projects, like kitchen remodels, electrical upgrades, roofing projects, or full landscaping. Offering as much information about your business as possible on your profile can help you close the sale on these customers and land bigger jobs.

2. Stay Within Google’s Guidelines

One of the worst things you can do for your business profile is to break Google’s guidelines. When you do, you run the risk of having your listing suspended. If your listing is suspended, customers can no longer see your profile on any search, either directly or indirectly. Depending on the offense, it may also affect your Google Ads or website traffic. Google can even suspend you without warning if they feel it’s necessary.

Conversely, following the guidelines put you in Google’s good graces. If you play by the rules, you’ll likely do better in search results, maximize your website’s traffic, and get more qualified leads.

With this tip, our recommendation is to either continually educate yourself on Google’s terms and conditions or find an expert to do it for you. Since Google’s guidelines change and evolve regularly, you might accidentally get yourself into hot water otherwise.

3. Always Keep Your Business Information Accurate and Up-to-Date

It’s important to understand that your business profile is never one-and-done, and it’s vital that you keep your eye on all the information as often as possible.

Google continuously updates information on your profile based on information they find elsewhere. For example, if your website displays your business hours differently from your profile, it may be automatically updated. Google also accepts updates from any user, like disgruntled employees, customers, or competitors, which could pose a problem for you later on.

These updates can be easy to miss, especially with everything you have to worry about as a contractor, so having dedicated time to check your profile is key. Keeping your Google Business Profile up-to-date also shows your customers that the information you provide is trustworthy. They don’t have to worry if your holiday hours are accurate or if the links they’re clicking on are safe. This trust builds up into customer loyalty over time.

4. Publish Google Posts Often

Posting on your profile benefits contractors in many different ways. Firstly, a Google post is essentially free advertising for your business and can generate interest for potential customers.

Secondly, posting regularly on Google is where many home services businesses fall short, not because it’s a complicated process but because it’s time-consuming. If you, as a contractor, fully commit to posting regularly on your Google Business Profile, you’ll have a leg up on your competition and be able to connect with your audience more fully.

Some ideas for Google Business Profile posts include:

  • Featured products and services
  • Special promotions or coupons
  • Events your business is taking part in or hosting in the community
  • Employment opportunities
  • Other company updates

5. Encourage and Respond to Reviews

Google reviews are another great way to stand out from the crowd in your industry. It does take some time to encourage and respond to Google reviews, but as marketers, we’ve seen firsthand how this simple strategy can do wonders for home services businesses.

According to Big Commerce, a leader in online marketing, 92% of homeowners read online reviews before hiring a contractor. What’s more impressive is that 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 72% of homeowners say that positive reviews make them trust a business more.

Want a piece of that action? Of course, you do! Then, it’s time to encourage more Google reviews and respond to each and every one of those reviews.

Continually Managing Your Google Business Profile Means Continual Home Services Leads

As mentioned above, Google Business Profiles can be a huge asset for home services businesses, allowing them to get more qualified leads, bigger jobs, and more recognition and trust in their communities. But it’s never one-and-done. In order to turn your Google Business Profile into a money-making machine, you’ll need to continually manage and improve upon it.

Managing your profile can challenge contractors since they’re so busy as business owners. That’s where Projects Plus Marketing can step in and make your life easier. We specialize in setting up, optimizing, and managing Google Business Profiles for home services businesses across the United States.

Our clients benefit from seasoned digital marketing experts who understand their needs as contractors and can help them rank on Google’s first page, even in competitive markets. Try our services today and see how we can help you grow your business.

Common Questions From Contractors About Google Business Profiles

Nope! One of the best things about Google Business Profiles, previously called Google My Business accounts, is that they are completely free to set up and run.

Google Business Profiles, also known as Google My Business accounts, show up in prominent places on local Google search and Google Map results, often right next to the ads, and share important information on your business, like contact information, services provided, and customer reviews.

Business owners can set up an account through their Gmail account for free. Alternatively, a marketing representative can set up an account on your behalf and give you access to it.

Google Business is one of the best ways for contractors to get bigger and better-qualified leads for their home services business. Google Business is often the first and only place that homeowners will look when finding a contractor for remodels, landscaping, roofing, pest control, or HVAC and electrical projects.

For contractors who offer these types of services, it’s vital to have an updated and optimized Google Business Profile in order to get in front of these potential customers.

For contractors who want to improve their Google Business Profiles, land bigger jobs, and get more leads, they can do so easily by doing the following:

  • Filling out all information on their profile that applies to their business, like categories, service areas, and booking links.
  • Keeping updated on Google’s Guidelines and staying within them.
  • Keeping their business information accurate and up-to-date at all times.
  • Promoting their services through posts.
  • Encouraging reviews on their profile and responding to all of them.