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Is Contractor SEO Worth It?

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Is SEO worth it? Many business owners ask themselves this very question. The article will discuss why contractor SEO is an essential investment, the various benefits it provides, and how you can tell if your SEO is working for you through a simple ROI formula.

Years ago, contractors could get all the local business they wanted through simple print ads and word-of-mouth marketing. It's difficult (maybe even impossible) to achieve that goal nowadays without promoting yourself on the internet.

You’ve likely heard of SEO as a marketing option, but is SEO worth it for contractors? At Projects Plus, we say it’s a loud and resounding yes!

SEO is crucial for home services businesses to reach their goals, but it's challenging to do alone. You’ll want to invest in contractor SEO, and more importantly, you’ll want to invest in a contractor SEO agency that you trust.

Let’s run through everything about contractor SEO — what it is, why you need it, and how to know if your SEO is working for you. Then, you can make an informed decision that’s best for your business.

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What is Contractor SEO?

The goal of contractor SEO is to earn your business a spot on Google’s first page of search results. As a result, you’ll gain the most leads and customers when local homeowners search for your trade.

SEO is a wonderful marketing tool for contractors to invest in. This strategy consistently produces good returns and builds trust with customers more than traditional ads. Additionally, with a well-thought-out plan, your website will reach potential customers that would otherwise not have found you.

But contractor SEO doesn’t happen overnight. To rank high on search results, you need to use various techniques, monitor constantly, and execute them effectively.

Below are some of the techniques you can expect from any reputable contractor SEO agency:

Strategic Research

Search results widely vary depending on what search terms the person is entering into the search engine. Some of these keywords are more valuable than others.

If someone searches "How to fix a leaky faucet," they probably want to find DIY solutions for their plumbing issue. They might be open to hiring a plumber, but they will probably need quite a bit of convincing to do so.

On the other hand, someone searching for “plumbers near me” is ready to hire a plumber right now. Therefore, a plumber ranking high for this keyword will gain many more leads than if they ranked high for the previous query. The plumber doesn’t need to spend much time convincing the potential customer to call them either.

How do you know which search terms are more profitable for your business? This is what experienced SEO companies can do for you. They strategically research high-purchase keywords and what keywords your competitors attempt to rank for. Then, they’ll use that valuable knowledge to customize a strategy that gets real results.

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Engaging Content

Once your contractor SEO agency understands what your target audience wants, they’ll build content around your high-value keywords.

Engaging, high-quality content fuels contractor SEO. It shows customers that you know your trade well and can solve their problems, building a relationship before they even pick up the phone.

It also tells Google that your content is the top answer, boosting your website's ranking in search results. It’s a win-win.

Content marketing generates three times more leads than traditional marketing while costing up to 62% less. It actively sets you apart from competitors, continually builds traction with customers and search engines, and accelerates lead generation.

Is this form of SEO worth it for contractors? The results speak for themselves.

Link Building

Engaging content builds a strong foundation for another SEO technique: link building.

When trusted websites link to your site, search engines see it as a sign that your business is reliable. It also creates another avenue for potential customers to find you.

Directory Listing Optimization

Another vote of confidence that Google considers is online directories. These websites, like Houzz, Home Advisor, or Facebook, list your business name, address, phone number, and a link to your main website.

Optimizing and managing these listings offers credibility in your business and another way for potential customers to find you. You’ll boost your reputation and cast a wider net of customers through this method.

Google Business Profile Management

Google Business Profile (GBP) is another critical tool for local contractors and SEO agencies. Customers who see a well-kept GBP will find reviews that build trust and posts that showcase services and features. Additionally, they will have an easy time finding information and contacting the business.

Google Business Profiles save time and effort for searchers. They make it easy for people to find and hire you for their home project, which means more leads for you.

Managing a successful Google Business Profile takes constant effort and monitoring. To stand out from other competitors, it's important to hire an SEO agency that specializes in managing Google Business Profiles.

Is SEO Worth It For Home Services Businesses?

Is SEO Worth It InfographicThe main reason why seasoned contractors invest in contractor SEO is because it works. It dramatically increases their lead generation, zeroing in on potential leads that would be ideal customers. It’s a cost-effective method that brings in returns long after the initial work.

Consider some other statistics on why contractor SEO is such a good investment:

  • 70% of homeowners plan to remodel within the next year, creating a fantastic opportunity for home services businesses. (Source: Scorpion)
  • Even if you’re not a remodeler, home services businesses will have a lot of new work available to them as the market is expected to increase by 18% (Source: Verified Market Research)
  • Over 55% of these new customers will run a search before scheduling an appointment. These customers also don’t have a company in mind before searching, so the company with the best local SEO will likely gain the lead. (Source: Invoca)
  • As many as 80% of customers ignore ads, preferring to do their research in organic results instead. Contractor SEO positions home services businesses into these organic results. (Source: Scorpion)
  • In general, leads from SEO have a 15% close rate. That's some impressive results! (Source: Intergrowth)

You need more than high-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. From these facts, it is clear that contractors also need to ensure that they have a strong, strategic online presence to be successful.

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What Are You Investing In?
5 Benefits Of SEO For Contractors

Before investing in contractor SEO, you must have a firm grasp of what you can expect from it. Here are some of the top benefits of contractor SEO.

Lower Long-Term Costs

Contractor SEO is very cost-effective as a long-term marketing strategy. Advertising results will only continue as long as you’re running the ads. SEO efforts continue to generate results long after completing the work. For example, a high-quality piece of content can generate leads even 1 - 2 years after its creation.

Home service contractors can even achieve top search engine rankings for important keywords without spending money on ads. If you want to spend less money but have longer-lasting results, contractor SEO is for you.

Higher Conversion Rates

Contractors that invest in SEO have more and more people within their target market visiting their website. That will result in a consistently higher conversion rate, too.

SEO leads are more effective than other marketing methods, and home service business owners see a boost in profits.

More Quality Leads

Contractor SEO increases traffic, conversion rates, and quality leads for your business.

Your SEO agency will help you understand your audience, what they’re searching for, and how to convince them to hire you. The leads you receive will be easier to convince to hire you. They will also be more likely to hire you for bigger projects and hire you again in the future.

Increased Brand Awareness

Contractor SEO benefits reach beyond the internet and into the “real world.” If people often find your content when they search, they will remember your business name when they need your services. And they’ll even make recommendations to friends, family, and neighbors because your name will be the first to pop into their heads.

Start with a good contractor SEO campaign. It helps more people recognize your brand and gives you a better reputation locally.

A 24/7 Salesman For Your Contractor Business

Contractor SEO doesn’t stop once you’re personally offline. These marketing tactics continue to work around the clock to give you high-quality traffic to your website, a better customer experience, and more consistent leads.

Home services businesses that invest in this avenue of marketing start the day by scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, and gaining more customers.

How To Measure Your SEO Return on Investment

Studies show that SEO services have an average ROI of $2.75 for every dollar spent, or 275%. The return on investment can continue to increase as time continues, providing up to a 748% ROI for contractors. Of course, this varies depending on your trade. However, you can expect your ROI to be between 200-300%, if not higher.

How can you know if your contractor SEO is working? Here are the steps to take to calculate your ROI for SEO:

  1. First, calculate the total amount you’ve spent on SEO services, including any time and resources you’ve invested. Because SEO takes time to gain momentum, you'll want to calculate a 6-month or 12-month ROI.
  2. Next, calculate the revenue generated from these services. You can use Google Analytics or any call or lead-tracking software to find this number.
  3. Then, determine the lifetime value of a customer. You can do this by calculating the average lifetime value of a customer based on the revenue they generate over their lifetime as a customer.
  4. Lastly, you can find your ROI. Subtract the amount you paid for your contractor's SEO services from the money you made. After that, divide the result by the total cost. Multiply the result by 100 to get the ROI percentage.

For example, if you spent $3,500 on local SEO efforts and generated $35,000 in revenue from local search, your ROI would be ((35,000-3,500)/3,500) x 100 = 900%.

It’s important to note that ROI is just one metric to evaluate the success of contractor SEO. You’ll also want to consider other things like brand awareness, online reputation, website traffic, and overall leads to get a holistic look at how your SEO is doing.

Will Contractor SEO Be Worth It To You?

Is SEO worth it? Absolutely. With online visibility becoming increasingly paramount for home services businesses, investing in SEO is not just a choice but a necessity.

At Projects Plus Marketing, we firmly believe in the power of SEO to transform your contracting business. Contractor SEO offers numerous advantages, such as generating leads, boosting brand awareness, and building customer trust, making it a worthwhile investment.

Now is the time to make an investment that will provide long-lasting benefits to your business and position you as a leader in your local community. Contact us today to start the journey towards success with our digital marketing services.

Common Questions Contractors Have About SEO

Home service contractors invest in SEO to increase leads and get a good return on investment in the long run.

Many homeowners want to remodel their homes soon. Investing in SEO is a great chance for business owners because these customers usually research online before hiring a contractor. SEO also averages a 15% close rate, impressive results for any marketing campaign.

When investing in SEO for your contracting business, you’ll want a reputable contractor SEO agency that you can trust. A credible agency will:

  • Conduct strategic research to identify high-value keywords and competitor strategies.
  • Create engaging, high-quality content tailored to these keywords.
  • Enhance your credibility online through link building and directory listing management.
  • Manage your Google Business Profile, which offers customers an easy way to find key information about your business.

Contractors can expect their SEO strategies to take between three to six months to start yielding noticeable results. Since contractor SEO is a long-term strategy, there’s also a high potential for consistent improvement over the course of a year. 

SEO results don’t happen overnight. This is because search engines like Google need time to find, crawl, and index web pages, which is a process that SEO agencies cannot control. Agencies often execute multiple SEO strategies simultaneously and refine them as results start to emerge.

For more immediate results, your marketing agency will recommend running Google Ads in conjunction with contractor SEO tactics, as the two strategies often complement and strengthen each other.

No marketing agency out there can guarantee first-page ranking on Google. In fact, if you find an agency that is making this claim, you’re likely dealing with a dodgy, underhanded agency. 

At the end of the day, each agency and client are subject to Google’s terms and algorithms, which are constantly changing. An agency that guarantees rankings will likely target keywords that produce little to no returns or implement discredited SEO techniques.

The outcome for their clients? A wasted marketing budget, a dodgy online reputation, and even a manual action put against your website. It’s best to steer clear.

To gauge the effectiveness of your contractor SEO, you can calculate your return on investment by subtracting the total cost of your SEO from the revenue generated and dividing the result by the total cost. Then, you can multiply the result by 100 to get your ROI percentage.

Since contractor SEO is a long-term strategy, it’s beneficial to calculate your return on investment over a 6 - 12-month period. You’ll also want to assess the success of this strategy wholistically, as SEO also increases brand awareness, online reputation, website traffic, and overall leads.