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What’s Your Vision for the Future?

Vince Michelle Adamo - Contractor Marketing Services - BW - Projects Plus Marketing - Maricopa AZ
Vince & Michelle Adamo
Most of our clients have personal goals that depend on the success of their business.

  • Perhaps you are preparing to retire in ten years.
  • Maybe you're passing the business down to your children.
  • It may be you plan to expand into new territory or services.
  • You might just want to earn a bunch more money.
  • Or you're looking to sell your business down the road.

This overlap between your business, and how it affects your personal life, is one thing that sets Projects Plus apart. An effective marketing strategy should benefit the business well beyond tomorrow, next month, or even next year.

In the realm of marketing, we are dedicated to the success of your business as if it were our own. Read through our client testimonials and you'll see that truth shining through.

About Michelle Darling Adamo

Local Marketing Strategist

1994: The Launch

Left the corporate world to launch Projects Plus Marketing (in St. Paul, Minnesota). I started with big name clients such as U.S. Bank, General Mills, and 3M. Built custom CRM databases and trained staff on how to wield the power of their data for marketing.

1996: Local Service Businesses

I didn't like dealing with big companies and all the corporate mumbo jumbo. So I turned my focus to small local businesses and provided things like direct mail coordination, print ads, referral programs, community sponsorships, and good old-fashioned guerrilla marketing.

1998: The Internet

After two years in training (and we're talking the earliest days of the web), I began offering web design and SEO for local service businesses across the Midwest. It was so cutting-edge back then!

1999: Sharing My Expertise

For five or six years, I hosted local workshops to teach stay-at-home moms how to start home-based businesses. And held training sessions for local business owners on various marketing strategies. It was a lot of fun.

2000: My Business Kept Growing (too big)

Over the next decade, I still serviced one large corporation (U.S. Bank, until 2010) while also expanding my base of local business clients across the United States. There were about 60 people working for me during these years. It was nuts!

2010: Contractor Marketing Niche

Priorities change in life. I was too busy, too stressed, for too long. So at this point, I decided to downsize Projects Plus, and make it fun again. It was home improvement contractors that captured my heart - they had always been my favorite clients. So I referred away all others, built a small team to help me, and specialized in contractor marketing. Best decision I made.

2012: First Franchise Client

I landed a house painting franchise and worked one-on-one with over 50 awesome franchisees. The franchisor was ultimately acquired, and the new investment company moved all the marketing to a large agency. But I'm still in touch with many of them ten years later, some of whom went independent and came back to me as clients again!

2016: Moved to Arizona

No more winter, hot dish, or Minnesota nice. Hello 300 days of sunshine a year!

2022: Still Love My Contractors!

You are a talented entrepreneur working in the trades. Homeowners depend on you! Keeping the leads flowing is essential to your success, but it's hard to find the time when you're running all other areas of your business.

Me and my team are your #1 fans, your biggest advocates, and your loyal advisors in the ever-changing world of marketing. Give us the chance to earn your trust and help your business thrive.